Nicholas Carr, in his New York Times Bestseller "The Shallows: What the internet is doing to our brains" helps us understand the deleterious effects of the internet. A�It really is a struggle and any attempt to change your online behavior and technology usage habits is worthwhile. It is a very illuminating experience to separate from [...] Read More
Make it Livigent! Rabbi ZilbebergA�is directing his chassidim to rather strive for the highest madreiga of being completely free of text and internet, owning a phone for the purpose of phone calls only. However,A�In the event that one must ownA�a smartphone Rabbi Zilberberg will not accept that just any filter will do the work. A�After [...] Read More
Rabbi Twerski helps us understand our needs and how tuning into those needs will help us find the problems we face and solutions will surface.A� Every person needs and addiction, choose the right ones such as Torah, Chesed and Family. Read More
Therea��s always something that you want to see rather than read.A� Eino doma shmiya la��riyaa�� you cannot compare the memory of hearing to that of seeing.A� Visuals help us think and understand what we are hearing. So of course, we are going to watch the Rebbe dancing Mitzva Tantz, we are going to watch an [...] Read More