Therea��s always something that you want to see rather than read.A� Eino doma shmiya la��riyaa�� you cannot compare the memory of hearing to that of seeing.A� Visuals help us think and understand what we are hearing.

So of course, we are going to watch the Rebbe dancing Mitzva Tantz, we are going to watch an interesting Drasha and we want to see the latest news in action.A� However, we also want to watch our eyes, Lo sasiru achrei la��vavchem va��achrei Eineiychem. With GenTech you can choose which sites youa��d like to allow video streaming and which sites you would like to have them blocked.

Now, when you allow videoa��s, leta��s say on a frum news site, what GenTech of course will do, is allow you to see whatever video is posted there, but GenTech will also block the access to the video streaming site!A� So you get what you choose to see but look no further …


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